2.A.5.b Construction And Demolition

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2.A.7.b - Construction

Short description
A research project that had evaluated data of the European model RAINS pointed out for this category only information on floor area built in country. This information is combined with default emission factors for TSP and PM (Tier 1). Information about key source relevance you find within the overview '2.A'.


Activity data
The data on floor area built is taken from national statistics for the whole time series. The category clearly includes the construction part of building activities without demolition of buildings.

Emission factors
The emission factors are based on the RAINS values assuming that dwellings make up 65 percent of the total floor area
Emission factors used in the RAINS model for construction sector [kg/ m2].
Sector RAINS code PM2.5 PM10 TSP
Construction CONSTRUCT 0.0092 0.0914 0.1828

Trends in emissions

All trends in emissions correspond to trends of construction activities.


Recalculation activities were not necessary.

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