2.A.6 Other Mineral Products

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The NFR category 2.A.6 (other) is not comparable with CRF Structure. So the CRF category 2.A.4.a Ceramics production is the main driver of other mineral industries.

Short description
The activity data are used to calculate the entire ceramics industry's emissions of NEC pollutants and dust. Process-related CO2 emissions, on the other hand, are calculated only for the sub-quantities "roof tiles" and "bricks" (documented in NIR).

All emissions are calculated via a Tier 1 method, because no detailed data are available and because this source category is not a key source.

Activity data
Official statistics are of limited use in determining actual production trends in the brick industry, in terms of weights, since such statistics list production of bricks in cubic metres, and production of tiles in square metres and production of roof tiles in numbers of tiles. Produced weight quantities can be determined only via conversion factors.
Emission factors
Process-related emissions originate in the raw materials for production (normally, locally available loams and clays with varying concentrations of organic impurities, specific raw material mixes). New EF are documented in detail in a report of a research projects (http://www.umweltdaten.de/publikationen/fpdf-l/3923.pdf) taking into acount information of industry monitoring.

pollutant Name of Category EF unit Trend
NOx all ceramics 0.177 kg/t constant
SO2 all ceramics 0.10 kg/t constant
NMVOC all ceramics 0.008 kg/t constant
NH3 all ceramics 0.004 kg/t constant
TSP all ceramics 0.10 kg/t falling
PM10 all ceramics 0.08 kg/t falling
PM2.5 all ceramics 0.05 kg/t falling


Recalculations were not necessary.

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