2.A - Mineral Industry - Overview

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The Mineral Industry comprises six different sub-categories with structural differences to reporting format of Greenhouse Gases (CRF).

The main categories are the Cement Production (2.A.1), Lime Production (2.A.2), Glass Production (2.A.3).

But other mineral industries includes minor industries with specific relevant emissions, here Mining other than coal (2.A.5.a), Construction (2.A.5.b) and Ceramics Production (2.A.6) .

NFR-Code Name of Category Method AD EF Key Source relevance
2.A.1 Cement Production T1 AS CS PM2.5 (T), Hg (L)
2.A.2 Lime Production T1 AS CS beyond the 80% level for all
2.A.3 Glass Production T2 AS CS beyond the 80% level for all
2.A.5.a Minerals other than coal T1 NS D TSP (L), PM10 (L/T)
2.A.5.b Construction and Demolition T1 NS D beyond the 80% level for all
2.A.6 Ceramics Production T1 NS CS beyond the 80% level for all

T1 = Tier 1 in relation to EF / T2 = Tier 2 in relation to EF

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