2.C.6 - Zinc Production

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Short description

NFR-Code Name of Category Method AD EF Key Category for (by1)
2.C.6 Zinc Production T1 AS D, CS no key category

Within NFR sub-category 2.C.6 - Zinc production, SO2, PM2.5, PM10, TSP, PCDD/F and PCB emissions from the production of zinc are reported.

Methodological issues

Activity data

The production figures for the year 2013 were taken from the annual statistical report of the German association for non-ferrous metals (WirtschaftsVereinigung Metalle).

Emission factors

The emission factors are either default values according to IPCC guidelines or determined in several research projects.

Pollutant EF Unit Trend
PM2.5 0.0385 kg/t constant
PM10 0.0613 kg/t constant
TSP 0.100 kg/t constant
PCDD/F 0.15 µg/t constant


Recalculations were necessary due to corrected misallocation in NFR 2.C.5.c and 2.C.5.e.

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