2.D - Other Solvent and Product Use

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NFR-Code Name of category reported Pollutants Method AD EF Key Source for (by)
2.D Other Solvent and Product Use
consisting of / including source categories
2.D.3.a Domestic solvent use including fungicides NMVOC (L/T)
2.D.3.b Road Paving with Asphalt
2.D.3.c Asphalt Roofing
2.D.3.d Coating Applications NMVOC (L/T)
2.D.3.e Degreasing NMVOC (L/T)
2.D.3.f Dry Cleaning
2.D.3.g Chemical Products NMVOC (L)
2.D.3.h Printing NMVOC (L)
2.D.3.i Other Solvent Use NMVOC (L)
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