Review Todos

Last updated on 16 Oct 2015 06:20 (cf. Authors)

Stage 3 review 2014

Task Who? By when? Status
KCA for base year PGn 05.05.2015 started
Explain how KCA is used for inventory improvement KH 05.05.2015 done
Explain overall QA/QC in more detail StS 05.05.2015 TBD
Explain sectors specific QA/QC StS, FAPs 05.05.2015 cancelled
Improve usability of Wiki-IIR PGn, KH 05.05.2015 just wait until everybody loves wikis
Consistent use of notation keys All mainly done
Include more activity data for industry and solvent sectors FAPs 05.05.2015 TBD
Explain trend fluctuations in more detail FAPs 05.05.2015 partly done
Explain use of NE (not estimated) and put overview here: Completeness KH 05.05.2015 done
Include emissions before 1990 (should also go here: Completeness) MSt 05.05.2015 TBD
Expand uncertainty reporting DR 05.05.2015 TBD
Update list of planned improvements StS, FAPs 05.05.2015 TBD
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